The Beverly Theatre Guild

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Our History

The Beverly Theatre Guild’'s mission is to promote the development of talent and community interest in theatre arts through theatrical productions. During our history, this mission has been exemplified through more than 150 full-scale productions and numerous involvements in neighborhood and educational events.

As Chicago’'s oldest community theatre company, the roots of the Beverly Theatre Guild go back to 1929 as a program of the Chicago Park District at Ridge Field House. In 1963, a group of regulars from this theatre program decided to branch out in the belief that they could experiment and prosper independently. On May 17, 1963, the new Beverly Theatre Guild was launched with the production of The Desk Set, presented at St. Xavier College. In our early years, productions were at schools and restaurants as BTG looked for a permanent home.

In the late 1960’s, the Beverly Theatre Guild joined other community organizations to support the creation of the original Beverly Art Center. BTG’s 1969 production of Light Up The Sky was the first production at the brand new Beverly Art Center, a welcome addition to the Morgan Park Academy campus. When the new Beverly Arts Center of Chicago was built in 2002, BTG shows charmed audiences there for six seasons. In 2008, BTG returned to their original home stage at the Baer Theatre in the Morgan Park Academy, 2153 West 111th Street in Chicago.

We take great pride in our long history of providing creative outlets for actors and theatre craftsmen. We will continue to present high quality, diverse productions for our patrons. We thank you for supporting us in the past and invite you to play a part in our future as a theatre patron, cast member, or a valued member of our production staff.  

2014 - 2015 Board of Directors

John Neumann - Treasurer, Bonnie Ryniec - Corresponding Secretary, Tom Fagan - Vice President, Jean Friend - Social Chairman, Emil Zbella - President, Eileen Cosgrove Casey - Recording Secretary, Wayne Wendell - Publicity

Past Presidents

A reunion of Past Presidents at the 2014 Installation Dinner.
Barbara Moore, Glenn Hering, Emil Zbella, Cheryl Cooper, Julie Zeblckis

A reunion of Past Presidents at the 2009 Installation Dinner.
back row - Emil Zbella, Cindy McKown, Barbara Moore, Glenn Hering, Paul Forsyth

front row - Cheryl Miller, Julie L. Zebleckis, Ed Fudacz

1963 – 1964: Bud Benthey   1964 – 1965: William Leeder   1965 – 1967: Robert Eaton
1967 – 1968: Henry Bartley   1968 – 1969: Eugene Ferazzi   1969 – 1971: Mary Fitzgerald
1971 – 1972: Robert Eaton   1972 – 1974: William Tucker   1974 – 1975: Minnette Fry
1975 – 1977: Cinda Forsyth   1977 – 1978: Lorraine Finnery   1978 – 1980: Emil Zbella
1980 – 1981: Paul Forsyth   1981 – 1982: Emil Zbella   1982 – 1984: Georgean Fitzgerald
1984 – 1986: Cheryl Miller   1986 – 1989: Emil Zbella   1989 – 1991: Jim Kearney
1991 – 1995: Emil Zbella   1995 – 1997: Cynthea McKown   1997 – 1999: Julie Zebleckis
1999 – 2002: Edward Fudacz   2002 – 2003: Glenn Hering   2003 – 2004: Edward Fudacz
2004 – 2006: Cheryl Miller   2006 – 2007: Edward Fudacz   2007 – 2009: Barbara Moore
2009 – 2013: Glenn Hering    2013 - present: Emil Zbella      

Distinguished Service Awards

The Beverly Theatre Guild recognizes those members who have an outstanding record of loyalty, dedication
and service. Candidates for this award are considered by the Board of Directors at the conclusion of each
Annual Season. Following is a listing of the recipients of the Distinguished Service Award:

2015 Award Winners: Wayne Wendell, President's Award; Jason Taylor, Distinguished Service; Zachary Gipson, Best Performance

2014 Award Winners: Ellen Micotto, Best Performance; Tom Fagan, Distinguished Service; Kevin Cooper, President's Award

Karen VanDeVelde receives the 2010 Distinguished Service Award.

Julie L. Zebleckis receives the 2009 Distinguished Service Award.

President Barbara Moore presents Bonnie Ryniec with the 2008 Distinguished Service Award.

1970: Jennie & Henry Bartley   1971: Ethel & Robert Eatonr   1972: Marie Perovic
1973: Lois & Ron Clausson   1974: Mary Fitzgerald   1975: Stephanie & Bill Leeder
1976: Marian & Bill Tucker   1977: Jean & Jack Fahey   1978: Cinda & Paul Forsyth
1979: Ted Cunningham   1980: Emil Zbella   1981: Georgean Fitzgerald
1982: Candace Doorley   1983: Lee Cunningham   1984: Don McGrew
1985: Jean & Leo Fagan   1986: Cheryl Miller   1987: Shirley Wolfe
1988: Lorraine Finnery   1989: Agnes Stoffregen   1990: Pam & Steve Richardson
1991: Mark Eaton   1992: Cynthea McKown   1993: Bill Crowley
1994: Michael Garvey   1995: Edward Fudacz   1996: Martin Donovan
1997: Rick & Susie Giampaolo   1998: Maureen Manahan   1999: Alane Stoffregen
2000: Wayne Wendell & Glenn Hering   2001: Dan Murphy   2002: Melissa McGuire
2003: Jim & Carol Kearney   2004: Joe Collins   2005: Barbara Moore
2006: John Neumann   2007: Anna-Marie & Bob Brodsky   2008: Bonnie Ryniec
2009: Julie L. Zebleckis   2010: Karen VanDeVelde    2011: Choch Zaper
2012: Laurie Videka Krizka   2013: David & Gail Lauryn    2014: Tom Fagan   
2015: Jason Taylor                

Performance Awards

At the conclusion of each Annual Season, the Beverly Theatre Guild recognizes the individual who has provided
the most professional, polished, and moving or sensitive performance of the Season to a degree likely to enhance
our reputation. The recipient of this award need not be a member of BTG.

Wayne Wendell receives the 2010 Best Performance Award.

George Miller accepting the 2009 Best Performance Award.

Joe Collins accepts his 2008 Best Performance Award.

1971: Kate Kisner
A Delicate Balance
   1972: Charles Brill
Plaza Suite
   1973: Patti Kinsella
Man of La Mancha
1974: no award given   1975: Bill Burnett
Witness for the Prosecution
   1976: Kevin McArdle
Butterflies Are Free
1977: Eugene Roeder
   1978: no award given   1979: Robert Eaton
The Good Doctor
1980: Scott Giddings
The Fantasticks
   1981: Don Maldonado
My Three Angels
   1982: Kathleen McNally
The Shadow Box
1983: James O'Connor
Bleacher Bums
   1984: Susie Giampaolo
Bus Stop
   1985: Martin Donovan
Charley's Aunt
1986: Ethel Eaton
Come Back, Little Sheba
   1987: Steve Richardson
Anything Goes
   1988: Cheryl Miller
The Desk Set
1989: Carol Kearney
The Foreigner
   1990: Sharon Sereda
Crimes of the Heart
   1991: Susan Schneider
Bells are Ringing
1992: Mike Maty
Sweeney Todd
   1993: Patrick Finn
   1994: Rick Giampaolo
1995: Melissa McGuire
Marvin’s Room
   1996: Mike Doody
My Home, My Heart, My Ireland
   1997: Jan Dignan
Auntie Mame
1998: Ed Fudacz
The Odd Couple
   1999: Daniel Thompson
Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really
Reflect Up?
   2000: Jim Seeberg
The Curious Savage
2001: Stephen Miller
Broadway Magic II
   2002: Robert Reidy
Death of a Salesman
   2003: Kate Kisner
Steel Magnolias
2004: Dave Denham
City of Angels
   2005: Laurie Videka Krizka
   2006: Shawn Galligan
Brighton Beach Memoirs
2007: Dennis Newport
   2008: Joe Collins
Moon Over Buffalo
   2009: George Miller
Dancing at Lughnasa
2010: Wayne Wendell
Little Shop of Horrors
   2011: Cheri Brodsky
The 25th Annual Putnam County
Spelling Bee
   2012: Summar Jonas
Wait Until Dark
2013: Eileen Casey
The Music Man
   2014: Ellen Micotto
The Glass Menagerie 
   2015: Zachary Gipson
Young Frankenstein

President's Awards

The President of the Beverly Theatre Guild recognizes an individual or group who made a special contribution in the past year.