A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum - 2006

Marcus Lycus and his Courtesans
Back row L to R: Frankie Scalzi, Laura Wolramski, Nora Jones, Stacey Chibe, Nissa Harvey, Bridgette Barnes. 2nd row: Shari Heda, Amy Felton. 3rd row: Patricia Moy, Nicole Bielecki, Don Fisher.
A Comedy Duet
Brian Leo as Hysterium and Pat Mooney as Pseudolus.
Pretty Little Picture
Kristina M. Caputo as Philia and David Bell as Hero
The Comely Courtesans
Back row L to R: Laura Wolramski. 2nd row: Nicole Bielecki, Frankie Scalzi. 3rd row: Bridgette Barnes, Nissa Harvey and Amy Felton.
The Master of the House of Senex... and her husband
John Neumann as Senex and Kim Brines as Domina
Miles Glorious and his Soldiers
David Lauryn as a Protean, Stephen Gerez as Miles, and Eric Lauryn as another Protean (be sure you get your daily recommended amount of Protean!).
"No, really! I'm in the Cast!"
Pat Mooney, George Miller as Erronious, and Musical Director George Machay
The cover of an early Roman GQ magazine
Back row L to R: David Bell, Pat Mooney, John Neumann. 2nd row: Don Fisher, Brian Leo and George Miller.
The three "virgins"
Kristina Caputo, Brian Leo, Kim Brines.