Frankenstein - 2006

Top L to R: Rick Baiker (Herr Mueller), Marie Whitney (Frau Mueller), John Madison (Victor Frankenstein), Jim Michaels (Henry Clerval).
Bottom L to R: Elizabeth Lavenza, Brian Ott (William Frankenstein), Patricia Peterson (Justine Moritz, maidservant).
The Frankenstein household and guests take a moment to pose for a picture.
John Madison (Victor Frankenstein) apologizes to Elizabeth for being secretive and spending so much time locked in his laboratory, rather than being with her and his family.
Unbeknownst to Elizabeth, Dennis Newport (Creature) watches her in the garden while planning his revenge.
A happy moment as Patricia Peterson (Justine) reads to Brian Ott (William) before the creature interrupts.
Marie Whitney and Rick Baiker as Frau and Herr Mueller enjoy a quiet moment on the Frankenstein grounds.
Dennis Newport (Creature) sits attentively in front of Denise Smolarek (blind hermit DeLacey) as she teaches him from the Bible.