Little Shop of Horrors - 2009

Baby Audrey II says “Feed Me”
Francesca Scalzi (Audrey) of Chicago tries to stop Wayne Wendell (Orin Scrivello, DDS) of Chicago from showing Baby Audrey II who is boss while Michael Greenlief (Seymour) of Chicago looks on.
Michael Maty (Mr. Mushnik) of Evergreen Park looks on in disgust as Michael Greenlief (Seymour) of Chicago shows him Baby Audrey II.
David von Ehrlicher (Ensemble) of Streamwood looks on in terror as Wayne Wendell (Orin Scrivello, DDS) of Chicago practices his dental technique on Jason Taylor (Ensemble) of Chicago.
Cathy Kennerk (Shirelle) of LaGrange Park, Jennifer Bartolo (Marvelette) of Franklin Park, Antoinette Alessio (Chiffon) of East Chicago, IN, Heather Mejia (Crystal) of East Chicago, IN, and Jennifer Stuart (Vandelle) of Chicago surround Baby Audrey II with beauty.
Francesca Scalzi (Audrey) of Chicago looks on as Michael Greenlief (Seymour) of Chicago explains the beauty of Baby Audrey II
Michael Greenlief (Seymour) of Chicago knows that Baby Audrey II understands him.
Maggie Kealy of Evergreen Park, Roberta Koronkiewicz, Kayla Decker of Chicago, Ashley Mateja of Orland Park, Jhaid Hall of Chicago, Jason Taylor of Chicago, and David von Ehrlicher of Streamwood, all residents of Skid Row welcome Baby Audrey II to Skid Row.

All pictures courtesy of George Miller.