The Rainmaker - 2007

The Curry family listens to Starbuck's plan to bing rain to their drought-stricken ranch.
Phil Carlin, Jason Murphy, Dan Murphy, Cathy Kennerk, Brian Leo
H.C (Phil Carlin) accepts Starbuck's (Dan Murphy) offer to bring rain for $100.
Jimmy (Jason Murphy) enjoys beating the bass drum, but H.C. (Phil Carlin)
and especially Noah (Brian Leo) are not so pleased.
File (Gil Oliva) explains to the Sheriff (John Neumann) that he just don't want no dog!
The Curry men have an unexpected visit from the Sheriff.
Brian Leo, Phil Carlin, John Neumann, and Jason Murphy.
Guess who the Sheriff is (hint -- look for the badge!)
H.C. (Phil Carlin) and Starbuck (Dan Murphy) witness some brotherly love (?)
between Jimmy (Jason Murphy) and Noah (Brian Leo).
Lizzie (Cathy Kennerk) consoles Starbuck (Dan Murphy).